Harvey & Hugo Sponsor Unsung Hero Award

The North East Employee of the Year Awards are very pleased to present our media partner and sponsor of the Unsung Hero Award, Harvey & Hugo!

Harvey & Hugo did such an incredible job on the first event that it was an easy decision to ask them to return. And they were all the more happy to do it!

Account Manager, Jenn Brown had this to say, 'At Harvey & Hugo, our vision is to share knowledge, celebrate success and spread positivity. We love to build brands and we do this by telling their stories using our PR, social media, content marketing and design services.'

'We support the Unsung Hero Award as we want to recognise those who do not seek recognition. We’re delighted to offer the opportunity for those who work hard in the background, almost unnoticed to be celebrated.'

The Unsung Hero award will be awarded to the employee who has made an essential, yet unrecognized, contribution to the business.

The winner of this award will be an employee who actively contributes to the business and its continued growth, making life better for colleagues or for anyone else. Someone who has overcome particular challenges or simply someone who has done great things for a company, but may not seek or have had the recognition they deserve.

To nominate an employee for The North East Employee of the Year Awards, CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions regarding the awards or the nominating process then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team on 0191 385 6619 or email

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