Smart Utility on board for Team of the Year Award

2017’s Team of the Year award is set to be sponsored by the lovely team at Smart Utility.

Smart Utility Management is a unique team of agile, passionate, and caring energy professionals with over 50-year leadership experience in the utilities sector. They help businesses and commercial properties across the UK optimise energy costs, consumption levels, and carbon footprint.

They want you to be SMART when it comes to business energy usage and they can do that for you. Due to their close relationships with most UK suppliers, they can procure fantastic energy solutions and services on the utilities market for your commercial needs.

We are thrilled to have Smart Utility on board for this year’s award. The North East Employee of the Year Awards will take place at Wynyard Hall Hotel Grand Marquee on Friday 14th July, 2017. To purchase your tickets then please call a member of staff on 0191 385 6619.

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