The North East Employee Awards 2018 are open for entry and ready to showcase the best talent in the region. With the deadline for entries fast approaching, here are some top tips to help you get started!

Plan your entry

Create a draft of your entry, writing the main key points before you start.

Keep it simple

Be clear and specific. Explain your points exactly and avoid jargon. Structure your entry to ensure you cover all aspects.

Refer to the category description

For example, if you are entering the Team of the Year category, make sure you describe how the team contribute to the business by working together effectively.

If you are entering the Outstanding Service award tell us how this employee goes above and beyond to provide an excellent service, but make sure you describe the value this adds to the business and what impact this service has on the customers or clients.

Provide evidence

Provide as much evidence as you can in relation to the category you are entering. Avoid lengthy descriptions and use clear examples. Have you got positive feedback from customers about the employee? Back up your entry with as much evidence as possible to complement your description.

Relate it to the business

Try to relate your entry to the business activity. If the employee has contributed to business success, tell us how. What is it that they do that has an impact on productivity, sales, service or other? How have they made a difference and what have been the results of their actions?

Stick to the word count

Don’t feel you have to fill it either. If you have made your points and provided relevant examples, then don’t carry on your entry to bulk it out. The judges will find it much easier to read if you can be precise.

Think like a judge

The judges have many entries to review so when writing your entry try to put yourself in their shoes and see how they would be reading it. How does your entry stand out from the rest? Perhaps get another person, not directly involved, to read it to give you feedback too.

Complete the online form

Access the form online here ENTRY FORM.

Proof read your entry

Ensure your entry reaches us with no spelling mistakes or typos. Have someone read over your entry to check it before you submit.

Submit on time!

The time frames are tight, so we really need your entries in by the deadline in order for us to collate the information for the judges. Start early to give yourself plenty of time to submit. Deadline for entries is Friday 20th April at 12noon.

For more information on the rules of entry CLICK HERE.

Good luck!

From the Awards Team.

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