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2018 winner Gary Irving, Tesco Underwriting

The North East Employee of the Year Awards aim to recognise and value the contribution employees make to business by celebrating their achievements.

A company's success relies on its performance and the staff are the face of the business. Now is the time to celebrate their talent and recognise and reward their loyalty.

Through these awards businesses can provide incentives to attend and be part of one of the North East’s biggest celebrations of the year.

Purpose of Award:

Celebrating and rewarding an employee who consistently provides excellent service.

In a growing and competitive economy service has never been more paramount. Delivering an excellent service can set a company apart from their competition. All businesses need strong differentiators and giving a great service can be one of them.

This award will recognise an employee who has consistently demonstrated excellent service, both external and internal. The Judges will be reviewing examples of where employees in this category have gone the extra mile, where it has made a key difference to the overall service given and the impact on the customers. Longevity of customer relationships and retention of customers will be a consideration as well as customers’ loyalties and examples of this.

What the judges are looking for:

  • Evidence of excellent customer service and going above and beyond.

  • Examples of how value has been added.

  • Feedback from customers regarding service given.

  • Demonstrate impact customer service has had on the business.

To nominate someone for this award click on the following link;


To sponsor this award please contact a member of staff on 01388 343 239. Alternatively, please email

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